"​In God / Good We Trust"
Truitt for President 2016
"Truth & Justice for All" ​
"World Peace & Prosperity"
"Universal Positive Changes for Future Generations"
"​Dr.Truitt Champions Human Rights and Ethical Values!"
About the Candidate - Paul Edward Truitt, DVM
Reasons Why Dr. Paul Truitt is the Best Qualified Candidate ​
(1) Highly Developed and Stable Character Virtues
(2) Diverse Education & Training
(3) Extensive Practical & Professional Experience
(4) Performs Extraordinarily Well Under Adverse Conditions
(5) Excellent Family Ancestry - McKinley, King, Davis, Carson, etc.​
(6) Tried-and-True Public Servant
(7) Spiritually Gifted Leader & Teacher with Practical Wisdom
(8) Honest and Trustworthy
(9) Battle-tested Opponent of Government Corruption & Terrorism
(10) Guided and Directed by a Divine Intellectual Spirit
Character Virtues: Courage, Discipline, Knowledge, Experience & Wisdom

Name: Paul Edward Truitt
Born: October 26, 1947 in Owensboro, KY 
Parents: Evans Mayo Truitt & Mildred McKinley


Paul Truitt  has spent much of his life caring for the growth, health, and safety of animals of all kinds. He grew up with seven siblings in a Christian family on an award winning livestock farm near Stanley, KY. 

Paul  received a number of student achievement and athletic awards. His character building started at an early age and has not stopped since.
Although Paul was a star athlete  through high school, the two honors that he is most proud of are his student achievement awards - the Student Achievement Award at Stanley Elementary School and four years later he was voted by his fellow students as "Mr. Echoes", the outstanding senior student at Daviess County High School.
In 1965, Paul received an acedamic scholarship to attend Indiana University. He also made the IU basketball team.  The following summer he played for the State Champion Velvet Bombers American Legion Baseball Team in Owensboro. Set on becoming a veterinarian, Paul made the decision to pass up the opportunity to play pro-baseball and stayed in college. Dr. Truitt graduated from Auburn University’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1972.


Dr. Truitt interned under Col. Floyd C. Sager at Claiborne Farm in Paris, KY. Col. Sager was an army veternarian and served under the command of Gen. George C. Patton.

Claiborne was the world's leading Thoroughbred horse  farm - and home of such greats as Bold Ruler, Buckpasser and Secretariat.
From 1972 until 2009, Dr. Truitt practiced veterinary medicine in Ohio, Tennesse and Kentucky. 

In 1982, Dr. Truitt took a job in New York with that state's leading Thoroughbred operation, Pen-Mor Farms. Dr. Truitt returned to Kentucky late that year and became a Thoroughbred farm manager, trainer, and resident vet.

From 1984 until 1989, Dr. Truitt became one of the most successful  Thoroughbred trainers in Ohio,  and ran Thoroughbreds in OH, KY, AL, and MI.
Dr. Truitt excelled as a Thoroughbred farm manager,  trainer and bloodstock agent. In his short career as a trainer, Dr. Truitt purchased several yearlings  and conditioned several of them into Stakes Winners, including one State Champion.

Another noteworthy accomplishment - as a bloodstock agent and advisor -  was the purchase of a mare for $18,000 and her mating to a stallion with a stud fee of $5,000; this mating  resulted in Kentucky Derby Winner, Horse of the Year, and world record earner of over $4 million - Spend A Buck!

In 1989, after his divorce, (with the desire to figure out "why people act the way they do"),  Dr. Truitt  intensely studied: Psychology; Philosophy; Education; Logic; Ethics; Interpersonal Communication; Business; and, Comparative Religion.  He took and audited over 60 hours of college courses in the year of 1989. 

In addition, Dr. Truitt  read over 50 personal growth books the following couple of years.


In 1990, as an adjunct professor, Dr. Truitt taught “Biology – The Nature of Life” and “Human Health and Biology”. Dr. Truitt also became a Certified Physical Fitness Expert. From that time forward, Dr. Truitt has passionately studied "Human Behavior"! 


 In 1991, Dr. Truitt moved back to Memphis, TN. to practice veterinary medicine. As the leader of a large single parents’ group at Christ United Methodist Church, Dr, Truitt gave lectures and taught classes on "Single Parenting",  “Interpersonal Relationships”; “Love and Friendship”; “Forgiveness”; “Innate Human Needs”; Positive Change; and, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lovers".

Dr. Truitt was affectionately labeled "The Doctor of Love" by his students and friends.
In the 90's,  Dr. Truitt participated in two March of Dimes Bachelor's Auctions.


After many years of private practice in Kentucky and Tennessee, Dr. Truitt became a highly respected and sought after relief veterinarian in Tennessee.  He was recognized as one of best veterinary surgeons and practice management advisors in the state.
Dr. Truitt wrote a business plan and selected the location for  a specialty practice in Cordova, TN that was grossing as much as $7.5 million annually.

In the early 2000's,  as the founder of a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Animal Health, Safety and Welfare, Inc.,  Dr. Truitt personally provided pro bono veterinary services for other non-profit organizations in Tennessee. Furthermore, Dr. Truitt was Certifited in Non-Profit Organization Management by the Nashville Center for Non-profit Organization Management.


In 2010, Dr. Truitt was hired as the general manager for the Equine Division of Agrarian County, a 501 (c) (3) organization that planned an International School of Agriculture. In one year, Dr. Truitt built the Equine Divisions into a Thoroughbred breeding and racing operation with several millions worth of assets.

Dr. Truitt also organized and establish a mixed Charitable Trust that accumlated over $18.25 millions in estimated assets for his beneficiaries from 2010 to 2013. Dr. Truitt had a reputation of  being "able to accomplish a lot with very little".

Because of his extensive and continual self-education in  many  diverse subjects; including, politiics, comparative religion, philosophy, psychology, logic, education, business,  and human motivation; because of  his decades of practical experience of fighting  government corruption and domestic terrorism; and, because of strong character virtues,  Dr. Truitt is the best qualified candidate to lead and heal the United States of America.


Dr. Truitt is a tried-and-true public servant; and, he has demonstrated his extraordinary abilities and character time-and-time again.  Under the most adverse conditions, his integrity has remained impeccible and his performance eclipsed that of his supervisors and other high ranking government officials!
While many government employees cave-in  to corrupt and non-productive government systems, Dr, Truitt  (inspite of being  harassed, intimidated, sabotaged, and threatened by corrupt and powerful government officials) stood up to government wrongdoing and made remarkable positive changes.


As a teenager, Paul Truitt got his first job with the government as a crop surveyor for the Agriculture Stabilization  and Conservation Service.
​Paul finished his assigned areas of Daviess County, KY well ahead of  schedule, so he was given additional farms in other areas. One of these farms belong to his supervisor who was attempting to hide excess acres of tobacco. Paul noticed the wrongdoing and quietly caused his supervisor to comply with the regulations.

During summer break while in college, Paul worked on road crew for the Kentucky Department of Transporation.  After  Paul politely pointed out inefficiencies and potental wrongdoing to his supervisors in Kentucky, they immediately corrected the problems without any retribution against him.


Years later, this did not hold true with the State Government of Tennessee and the Metro Government of Nashville. Unlike their Kentucky counterparts, the violations of laws in Tennessee were numerous and most egregious. 

Even though Dr, Truitt out perfermed his professional predecessors many times over - and respectfully caused several supervisers, bureau chiefs, department heads, a mayor, a regulatory board, and a governor to comply with all the applicable laws, policies, regulations, and ordinances - he was subjected to the following forms of malicious government  retaliation: his life was threatened; his work was sabotaged;  he was continuously harassed and maliciously vilified; he was assigned additional jobs and duties of that were the responsibility of numerous other employees in other divisions of the health departments; he was required to get certified in Metro Management and as an emergency first responder for FEMA; he was subjected to one trumped-up investigation after another; and finally,  his jobs were terminated using a plethera of  false allegations.

Then the State of Tennessee file a 10 page bogus legal complaint against Dr. Truitt.  After years of legal battles - and great financial losses (his job, home, farm, lifes savings, and other business relations), Dr. Truitt was cleared of all these false and malicious charges.

Corrupt government retaliation and harassment did not stop  in Tennessee.  Since Dr. Truitt was terminate from his government positions in Tennessee,  ecoterrorists  working undercover with  the Nashville and other corrupt government officials have targeted Dr. Truitt and all his business relations in a number of states causing billions in estimated economic damages.  However, much to their dismay, they were unable to destroy Dr.  Truitt before he recognized, exposed, and disabled them.   However, neither those domestic terrorists nor the  corrupt  co-conspiring government investigators and prosecutors were ever held accountable for their corruption - or the theft and destruction of Dr. Truitt's and his business associate's property.  The wrongdoing and nonfeasance can be traced to  undercover State Police,  FBI,  Officers of the Court, DA's, AG's, and DOJ officials. 


 Corrupt government officials and their undercover domestic terrorists gave Dr.Truitt an education that money cannot buy. Rather than discouraging Dr. Truitt, corrupt government officials have inspired him to write  a number of books - and to run for POTUS.  The 40+ years of diversity transformed Dr. Truitt into a wise, experienced and super-educated public servant with impeccable character!!!

Like no other candidate running for POTUS, Dr. Truitt's many battles with corrupt government groups and  undercover domestic terrorists  have left him with the unique education, knowledge, experience, and wisdom that gives him an advantage over domestic and foreighn terrorists ; including, radical non-profit, religious, and political groups that exploit good and just people for personal gain and vainglory. 
No other candidate has been battle-tested like Dr. Truitt. No other candidate has Dr. Truitt's unique qualifications: formal education; acquired knowledge and understanding through self-education and self-cultivation; diverse and adverse experience; extraordinary character; and, the resulting practical wisdom.
Because of his steadfast righteousness, Dr. Truitt has made many evil and unjust enemies over the last twenty to thirty years. Due to their unjust power and authority, they have  keep their jobs, received promotions, and gotten pay raises.  Even at these incredible odds, their continuous conspiracy to destroy Dr. Truitt has failed. They are  "punched out" and many have been exposed and are under fire for their evildoing!
Having worked for a number of governement agencies - and after being viciously targeted by several corrupt government employees, Dr. Truitt knows how to recognize,  expose, and eliminate government corruption.

Even more important,  America needs a leader who knows how to recognize, expose, and eliminate covert domestic and foreign terrorists. Until these national threats are destroyed, our national economy will continue to be undermined and exploited by these powerful and evil bureaucrates.
Until the good and just people of the world are willing to stand up and fight back - the evil forces of the world will continue  to gain strength and momentum. Dr. Truitt is  asking all good and just people to let him  lead them in the fight against these evils. He will not disappoint - or let America down - for the Spirit of God is always with those who are willing to stand up for what is right!!!!!!
Education, Training, Self-Cultivation & Excellent Character​​​

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery from Auburn University - 1972

Indiana University; Tyler Junior College; Western Kentucky University; Auburn University; University of Kentucky/Owensboro Community College; Nashville Metro Management Institute; and, Nashville Center for Non-profit Organization Management.

Minimum of 20 hours per year of continual education in veterinary medicine - 1975 to 2009


Environmental Health; Psychology; Philosophy; Comparative Religion; Business, Political, and Character Ethics; Business, Corporate, Civil, Family, and Criminal Law; Biology; Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry; Animal and Human Nutrition; Physical Fitness; Animal and Human Exercise Physiology; Physics; Mathematics; Logics; Human Health and Biology; Education; Interpersonal Communications; Politics; History; Genetics; Forms of Government; Domestic and Foreign Terror Schemes and Tactics; Sociology; Innate Human Needs; Interpersonal Relations; Psychopathic/Sociopathic Behavior; Agriculture; Animal and Human Behavior; Animal Husbandry; Animal Training; Thoroughbred Training and Exercise Physiology; Thoroughbred Breeding, Farm Management, and Genetics; and, Zoonotic Diseases.

Center for Disease Control; Drug Enforce Agency/Controlled Substances; U.S. Department of Agriculture (Animal Health Certification, Food Safety, and Disease Control); FEMA Certification; Certified Physical Fitness Expert; CPR; Certified in Metropolitan Government Management; Certified Equine, Livestock, and Farm Equipment Appraiser; and, Non-Profit Organization Management Certification.​
Practical & Professional Experience​​​


Veterinary Medicine, Surgery, and Practice Management - over 40 years of practice and practice management.

Colleagues considered Dr. Truitt one of the best veterinary surgeons and veterinary practice management advisors in Tennessee.​

Agriculture Stablization and Conservation Service;
Department of Transportation;
Tennessee Public Health Department - State Veterinary Facilties Inspector; and,
Nashville Metro Department of Health- Environmental Health Division, Supervising Veterinarian.

Bloodstock Agent and Business Advisor;
Farm Manager;
Resident Veterinarian;
Breeder; and,
Owned and Trained of Ohio Champion Three Year Old Filly, Hasty Lass - record earnings ($230,00) for 3yo Ohio-bred fillies.
Purchased a broodmare at public auction for a client and advised subsequent mating, which resulted in Horse of the Year and World Record Earner, Spend A Buck (earned over $4 million). Trained and owned numerous stakes horses and stakes producers.


Animal Health, Safety and Welfare, Inc. - Founder, CEO
Provided Pro-Bono Veterinary Services for Middle Tennesse NPO's;
Agrarian Country, a 501 (c) (3) - International School of Agriculture and Eco-tourism Center; 
Star barn Thoroughbreds - General Manager; and,
Star Barn Thoroughbred Breeders' Trust - Trustee.


Grew-up on an awards winning livestock farm near Stanley, KY. Had regular chores from the age of 5 until graduating from Daviess County High School.
Raised Tri-state 4-H Champions; Reserve Grand-champion; and. Kentucky Grand Champion Sow - won 4-H and open divisions.
Farm also operated an award winning dairy.​


"Human Health and Biology" 
"Biology - The Nature of Life". ​


Singles Parents' Leader at Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN.

"Single Parenting"
"Love and Friendship"
"Basic Human Needs"
"Forgiveness - A Closed Fist Can't Give or Receive"
"Interpersonal and Intimate Relationships"
"Positive Personal Change"
"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lovers".

Team of inexperience players went from last place in Summer League to first place in Fall Ball.


"Re-Creation: Born Again of Water and Spirit"
"Ecoterrorism: Ignored and Unenforced Laws"